Track all history

Add notes and store emails by sending them from any email client into UpStreamCloud.

Attach documents

Attach documents, agreements, proposals and other files.

Manage tasks

Add and complete tasks that need to be done for each contact.

Share with your team

Share contacts with your team ensuring you all have a single up-to-date view of them. You also have the option to keep contacts private.

Tag your contacts

Categorize your customers with customized tags. Get better context for sorting or searching.

Custom fields

Record the information you need about each contact. Custom fields allow you to store almost anything important.

Coming Soon!

Smart Contact Data

One-click smart contact data feature retrieves valuable data about your contacts from sources like Google+ and LinkedIn. This can help you save time and close deals faster.

Coming Soon!


Instantly find the name and corporate emails of decision-makers working for any company. With 200+ million email addresses indexed, effective search filters and scoring, it's the most powerful email-finding tool.

Import or Sync Contacts

Easily import contacts from Outlook, Gmail, vCard, spreadsheets or any CSV file. You also have the option to sync your contacts with Google contacts and Mailchimp.

Smart filter for Contacts

Segment your contacts and companies specific characteristics. Custom filters allow you to quickly and easily see which contacts or companies meet the criteria you’ve set at any given time.