Connect to your favorite apps. Capture and collect the information you need from the apps you use daily.



Zapier works as a bridge between two different apps. Zapier connects UpStreamCloud with 1,000+ apps! You can automate information flow between UpStreamCloud and any of these apps by setting up workflow called ‘Zaps’.



  • Export project timesheet with one-click: In UpStreamCloud Projects, you can generate a time-log report and export it to Quickbooks Invoice in one-click!
  • Customer-centric financial: View your entire customer base and their account status, invoices and payments- without leaving UpStreamCloud CRM.
  • Efficient recordkeeping: Eliminate dual data entry by linking invoices, payments and estimates to contacts or projects.
  • Payment details at your fingertips: See open, overdue and income payment details directly within the UpStreamCloud Contact.

G Suite

  • Manage your business from inside your inbox with the Gmail Add-on. Turn any email into a deal, contact, and more.
  • Manage your business from inside your inbox with the Gmail Add-on. Turn any email into a deal, contact, and more
  • Access all of your Google Drive files right from within UpStreamCloud
  • Set up two-way syncing between UpStreamCloud CRM and Google Calendar



Mailchimp is the world’s most popular marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. The UpStreamCloud-MailChimp Integration provides you with the tools for effectively maintaining your contacts & deals.

  • Campaign statistics: A MailChimp subtab will appear when viewing an established contact in UpStreamCloud. View activity rating, a timeline view of campaign events, and the click rate for the selected list.
  • Export “filtered” contacts from UpStreamCloud to MailChimp: Once you have a list set up in MailChimp, you can export a single record or multiple records from UpStreamCloud.
  • Import MailChimp subscriber lists to UpStreamCloud: Easily import subscribers by selecting a MailChimp list (to import subscribers from). You can also regularly schedule these imports from a MailChimp list or segment.

Other Integrations


UpStreamCloud’s REST-based API enables developers to integrate CRM, Projects & HR functionality into virtually any system or application.

Examples of integrations built by some customers

Custom Reporting

Need custom reports with charts and graphs that go beyond what comes with UpStreamCloud? Use the API to export data into your reporting service.


Lead Capture

Automatically capture leads from your website and intelligently import them into UpStreamCloud CRM, assign follow up tasks to employees, and do more.



Automatically sync contacts, time logs, etc with your accounting system, marketing system, and whatever tools you use.


Workflow Automation

Automatically trigger actions in UpStreamCloud when something happens elsewhere in your system.

The opportunities are endless, and the API key is included free with every UpStreamCloud subscription.

API Documentation