HRM Features

Time-off Management

Improve how your company tracks vacation, holidays, sick leave, conferences, or any other time away from daily work.

  • Create a simple request and approval process for your team
  • Delegate Approvals To Managers: Non-HR staff can manage time-off requests of employees without having access to other sensitive employee data
  • Team Calendar: Captures all company holidays, employee leave, and other important company events

Automatic Check-ins

Collecting employee feedback regularly is considered a best practice in HR. The problem is, doing it consistently is hard. UpStreamCloud “Check-ins” automates this for you! Ask your team any questions you want on a consistent schedule. Every day, once a week, every other week, once a month – you decide. Just set it up once, and you’re in the know forever!

Custom Roles

Control what your team members can see and do with advanced user permissions and visibility settings. With custom roles, you can define different access levels for team members based on their responsibilities. Example:

  • Admins can create a role called “Sales Intern” and then configure permissions to
  • Disable access to the project management application
  • Limit access to only specific areas of HR application
  • Allow access to only CRM application but restrict operations like delete, export and making items private


Use the noticeboard to share workplace stories and happenings.

  • Post engaging content like announcements, company events, inspirational quotes, classified ads and more.
  • Celebrate your organization’s culture, values and successes.

Coming Soon

Feedback & Recognition

Lift office morale and create a better work culture by easily giving your colleagues or employees some well deserved praise. Instant peer recognition also improves team communication.

Objectives + Key Results (OKR)

Easily setup your performance management process. Organize your goals and improve team coordination. You can create individual, department, and company-wide objectives.

One-on-One Meetings

One-on-One meeting feature allows managers to turn employee feedback into swift action. During reviews, managers can quickly add responses to the upcoming One-on-One agenda, making their face-time more effective and focused on solutions.

Other Features

Staff Directory

It’s easy to get to know your co-workers and their stories with UpStreamCloud’s beautiful bio pages, job descriptions, and contact details.

Records Management

Keep employee files and information in one place. UpStreamCloud gets employee files, addresses, emergency contacts and other data into a single, secure location.